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bus ii

August 20, 2007

The bus stopped and he raised his head. He’d not been asleep, just dreaming. The sign outside said Tulsa. He smacked his lips and grimaced at the taste. Maybe he had been sleeping. Maybe his dreams led him to sleep. He knew it should be the other way around. With the punch of pistons the door opened. He watched folks get off. Some walked around, stretching their legs, others grabbed their bags and wandered towards the terminal.

He closed his eyes again but could not sleep or dream without the engine’s hum.



August 20, 2007

He hears.
His breath.
His heart.
His blood, pounding his temples.
He hears.

He does not see.
His eyes are shut.

Behind them.
Behind his breath.
Behind his heart.
Behind his blood, pounding his temples.
Behind them she speaks.

And he does not want to hear.

a different beach

August 13, 2007

Tendrils of windswept sand snaked towards the waiting sea. There was no surf, just ripples and rivulets streaked across the steel blue, pushing back against itself. The tide advanced in spite of the wind. It crept up, filling the small canyons in the sand that it left in its last retreat.