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November 8, 2007

Wind scrapes the fallen leaves along the pavement, this way and that they dance. Sometimes it whips them into a vortex, a mini tornado that chases along the road a few metres before it collapses. There’s always movement. A stray breath of air drags the odd bronzed leaf just a foot or two. Even when the wind’s still the leaves tremble.

The mornings start grey and dreich. The light draws up later and the afternoon light deceives. It’s a warm light, rich and golden. It draws the colour of the world out, bringing intensity to everything – saturating the landscape. It looks like a special effect. The illusion of warmth lasts until the sun drops below the south west corner of the horizon. The sunset lasts for hours.

Then the cold comes.


chill air

November 8, 2007

He balls his hands into fists and plunges them deep into his pockets. His thumb rubs the knuckle of his index finger, desperate for some heat to come from the friction. The cold brings tears to his eyes. The mist of his breath lingers – there’s no breeze to blow it away. When he inhales he can feel the tendrils of frigid air as they touch every corner of his lungs. His scarf is tight. He hopes it stays that way.

He looks towards the end of the wooded trail and there is nothing.

The tears fall down his cheek.

He leaves them.

He won’t take his hands out of his pocket.