The water lapped the rocks with a murmur. Calming, whispering; an eternal conversation that all could hear, but none understand.

She skipped a stone across the gentle waves. It hopped four times then skidded along the surface before sinking beneath. Her fingers snapped and she faked a pout.

‘I can do better you know.’

‘I know.’

The pout turned to a smile and her feet sank a bit in the sand as she looked for another skimmer. Pebbles and stones clattered as she tossed them aside, looking for that perfect smoothness.

‘I said I know. You don’t have to prove your skill to me.’

He threw a round stone, not bothering to skip. It hit the water with a satisfying plunk, echoing over the quiet conversation between the water and the rocks.

‘I know you know. And I don’t have to prove anything to you.’

He looked across the loch. The sunny haze cast a pastel filter over the mountains in the distance. He squinted, even though his sunglasses hung loose from his collar.


She held a smooth stone up to him, grinning from ear to ear. She held it like a talisman.

He lost count of how many times it skipped. Seven or eight – somewhere around that. The sun fell behind a cloud and the hairs on his arms stood up in the breeze.

‘I can do even better.’

‘I know.’

He watched as a sailboat tacked on the opposite shore, almost indistinguishable from the wings of the gulls diving around him.

She grabbed his hand hers and kissed his cheek.

‘I know you know.’

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2 Comments on “lochside”

  1. Veronica Says:

    “I can do even better
    I know…
    I know you know.”

    That dialogue is the heartbeat. Familiar, but not comfortable, but not haunting.

    This is a different place.
    Well done.

  2. richard Says:

    Thanks – I’m trying to balance what’s said and unsaid with the snippets on this blog. The unsaid and unwritten interest me more and more. What this means to me and what it means to the readers will never be quite the same, and it shouldn’t be. It lets the reader make it theirs, in part.

    Shit, that sounded pretty fucking pretentious. Apologies 😉

    I’m glad you liked it though.

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