This is a new blog. I have two others: one a chronicle, the other a selection of tasting notes. This one is going to be different. This is going to be snippets of stories and ideas that may become stories. I might even write some poetry, if the spirit takes me. It should be creative and exciting. I hope. If it’s not, please harangue me at length.


3 Comments on “About”

  1. chiyapike Says:

    Hmm that’s a good idea. With mine I made a seperate page for all my stories and things, but have them all organized and not just writing freely whenever I want. I like your idea 🙂

  2. Linda Says:

    This looks like a very dead blog – a blog which is no more .. 😉 but if you are getting these comments and given that you are obviously interested in writing (or at least were) then you might want to give Friday Fictioneers a go. It would help you to get started again, you’ll meet loads of people and get some feedback on your flash fiction. You can find out more, if you’re interested and this blog really isn’t as dead as it appears, here: http://madison-woods.com/flash-fiction/friday-fictioneers/

  3. richard Says:

    It’s not dead, but it has been sleeping for too long.

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